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November 12, 1916 (To Grandma)


Dear Grandma,

I am sending you a couple of French postcards and a letter just to let you know, though I haven’t written, that I am still thinking of you. I hope you are feeling well and able to get around as much as ever. Your eyesight I hope is not bothering you.

I am now at a training school back of the front line learning how to handle a machine gun, so you see our training never ceases. I have been here about a week and am returning to my battalion tomorrow or the next day.

Although it is very slow work, we are gradually rolling back the Germans. It looks like a year or two’s job yet.

Well hoping this find you in good health as it leaves me at present.

Your loving Grandson,



This letter doesn't have any real new information in it but I thought it would be nice to share it with you nonetheless. It is nice that through all of his busy training, and time at the front line, he took the time to send a letter to his Grandmother. I'm not 100% sure which Grandmother he was writing to so I will keep you updated if I do find out. I haven't discerned his Grandparents names quite yet in my family tree.

That is it for now. He wrote another letter on the same day to his parents that holds more information that I will be doing next, so stay tuned for that.

As always share and let me know if there is anything that I should be adding!

Thanks for reading!

Michael Ritchie


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