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Captain John Hubert Eastwood

Name/Rank: Captain/Lieutenant John Hubert Eastwood

Battalions: 93rd Battalion, 39th Battalion, 6th Reserve Battalion, 2nd Battalion

Born/Recruited: Pickering Ontario, Peterborough

Known as in Letters: Hubert, Hubert Eastwood, Hub

Hubert Eastwood's Officer's Declaration

John, or as he is known as in the letters, Hubert, was mentioned a couple of times in Vincent's letters, and I am fairly confident that he is also Vincent's cousin. Hubert's father, also a military man, Major John Havelock Eastwood, which I think should be Vincent's Uncle, was the Medical Officer that signed off on the majority of Officers from the 93rd Battalion that I have come across' Declaration papers. After the 93rd disbanded, Hubert took a very similar path as many of the other soldiers in the 93rd. He first went to the 39th, and then to the 6th Reserve Battalion, and finally he then landed with the 2nd, where he would spend the rest of the war until he returned to Canada in 2019. During the war, Hubert was awarded the Military Cross on November 29, 1918. As stated in the London Gazette, he was awarded it for " For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. This officer led his platoon under the most trying conditions and intense machinegun fire to the final objective. He captured a machine-gun nest of seven guns and personnel, which was holding up his attack and inflicting heavy casualties. His conduct was worthy of the highest praise".

John Hubert Eastwood Military Cross in London Gazette

Also, Hubert's Grandson Chris Bailey got in contact with me and let me know a little more information about the man. Apparently, Hubert had a brother William Paxton Eastwood who was also in the army and you can find his file here. Chris also shared a great picture of the John Havelock Eastwood family when the boys were young.

John Havelock Eastwood Family Photo

"Hubert, Romaine and I were in Folkestone all day yesterday getting Steve fixed up and then we had a little dinner."

"About two months ago I passed Hubert Eastwood’s Battalion with a company and they were halted. I only had about two minutes to spare so I dropped out and ran over to see if I could find Hubert. I met Capt. Marlin of Lakefield but Hub had gone someplace for a moment and as I had to go on, I missed seeing him."

93rd Nominal Role Officers (Hubert listed as Captain)

Thank you for reading and please share with whoever you think might enjoy it! Thank you again Chris!

Michael Ritchie


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