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Captain Joseph Erle Redmond Munro

Name/Rank: Captain Joseph Erle Redmond Munro

Battalions: 80th Battalion, 93rd Battalion, 39th Battalion, 6th Reserve Battalion, Canadian Forestry Corps (C.F.C.)

Born/Recruited: Gilberts Mills, Prince Edward County/Peterborough

Known as in Letters: Capt. Munro, Jo Munroe

Captain Joseph Erle Redmond Munro took quite the journey through the ranks throughout the Great War. According to his files, he started with the 80th Battalion, who pulled out of Eastern Ontario, on October 27, 1915 but he did not stay there long. He quickly was moved over to the 93rd on November 1, the same battalion in which Vincent enlisted in and pulled from the Peterborough area. He can be found on the nominal role of the 93rd as an officer which can be seen below. He went across the sea to England on July 15, 1916 with the Battalion, around the same time that Vincent went across. After the 93rd was disbanded, Munro's path went the same direction as many other members of the 93rd that I have come across. He was first attached to the 39th, same as Vincent was, as of September 19, 1916. Within a month he was moved to the 6th Reserve Battalion, the same route that Lt. Richard Crisp took. That position lasted for almost a year before he was then moved to the Canadian Forestry Corps on May 16, 1917. He spent most of his time between the C.F.C. headquarters in Sunningdale, England and the one in Argyle France. He stayed in this position until the end of the War and sailed home in 1919.

93rd Battalion Nominal Role

Captain Munro was mentioned in two of the letters that Vincent sent back home. Though there isn't much interesting information in the passages within the letters, you can see that he speaks about Munro with familiarity that would suggest he and his family knew him before the war.

"Capt. Munro has gone across with the 1st draught but is only in charge, returning immediately he gets through handing them over."

"I got a letter from Jo Munroe in England with a snap taken back at Otterpool. I am sending it. It is very good."

If you would like more information on the Canadian Forestry Corps you can find a very detailed guide here.

Thank you all again for reading this and feel free to share with whoever you think might be interested.

Michael Ritchie


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