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I have included a list of websites that I have used for research during the product and people and sites that have helped me along the way, either by helping me figure out words I could not decipher or by providing feedback and information. If you are interested in what I am doing you should check these places and people out!

Contributors and References!

War Diary of the 18th Battalion run by Eric -


Saltwood Kent run by Mike -

     Specifically on the Sandling camps that many Canadians were stationed at                                                                                                                    -

      Specifically on the practice trenches there 


Archives of Canada where you can search military records for Canadian WWI personnel


Also, a very special thanks to Kliff Goodman, who through Facebook has helped me figure out a number of words and provided some very helpful information. Some other people from Facebook or from the comments within the letters that have shared their wealth of knowledge are Nathen Moore and Lizbet Tobin. Thank you to you both as well.


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