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May 23, 1917

Dear Mother & Father,

Well tomorrow is the 24th and we can have a real celebration if we want to start something but the last holiday was pretty fair.

Received a box of cigars from Aunt Mary and a box from you containing maple sugar, candy and everything so am well looked after. Smoking cigars in a funk hole is rather classy. The other day I drew some artillery fire on our little home by raising too much of a smoke with my cigar.

Feel somewhat like a millionaire. They certainly are fine cigars.

Met Gordon Matthews the other day as he was going out to rest. I saw him about two hundred yards down a road and beat it after him. It is the first time I have seen him in France. He certainly looks fine and as fat as ever.

Was out for a short walk this morning and heard a funny remark. A few big shells were coming over and dumping quite close and we would duck as there was quite a bit of shrapnel. A few aeroplanes were over head and making a terrific buzz. One fellow said I wish those bloomin’ planes would shut up I can’t hear the shells coming.

Well I have been writing this letter for a couple of days and must finish it now or it won’t catch the mail so will have to cut it short.


Well missed the mail last night. Received the box containing the cigarettes and the chocolate and thank you ever so much. Just ran out of cigarettes also cigars. I suppose I have too many friends.

Well, Love to all and kisses. Well close for now and will write soon.



Well there isn't much to investigate for this letter, though it is somewhat more entertaining than others. He has a couple of good stories from the line. Mainly about bringing artillery fire down on his position and soldiers complaining about the planes. Apparently Vincent really liked his cigars.

The only mention of another soldier within the letter is Gordon Matthews, which he had mentioned a couple of letters ago, but was very happy to actually see for the first time overseas!

If you want to know what the 18th Battalion was doing during the time of this letter a link to the War Diary can be seen here.

There wasn't much in the way of words that I was struggling with in this one. I will provide a picture of the letter below.

May 23, 1917 Letter Home

Thank you for reading and please share and let me know if there is anything that I need to add!

Michael Ritchie


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