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February 3, 1918

No1 Red Cross Hospital

Duchess of Westminster





Dear Margaret,

I have received your letters regularly, the latest being Dec 30th. Your description of your trip to Stoney Lake was very interesting - would like to have been with you.

I expect to be in England shortly and have a fair chance of getting home.

I would like very much for you to send me “Life” or “The Cosmopolitan” or some American magazine.

Was surprised to hear of Father being on the ice. I suppose Chemong Lake would make good skating. I would like to hear something about the fire or a paper containing news of it.

I am unable to write as yet so have to depend upon others to write for me, so don’t expect too much.

Tell Ma I received her letter & thank her for the photo.

Best of wishes to all



This letter is another short one home as he is recovering from his injury in France, before being moved over to England. The Margaret that he is mentioning is his sister I believe, not his future wife which he has written to on the odd occasion. There isn't a whole lot to discuss within this letter home but it does have some interesting points to it.

The Stoney Lake that he mentions is a lake near Peterborough that I'm sure his family frequents from time to time. As for Chemong, that is another lake, in which he has mentioned many times throughout his letters, that his family has a cottage on. Below is a picture I found from the Toronto Public Library's website of Stoney Lake in 1910.

Stoney Lake 1910

It is also interesting how he seems to really like the gossip magazines from the States, as this isn't the first letter home that he has asked for a Cosmo to be sent over to him.

That is about all for this letter. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it. As always please feel free to add anything you think needs to be added and share with anyone who might be interested. A copy of the letter will be shown below this.

February 3, 1918

Thank you for reading.

Michael Ritchie


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