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July 3, 1917

Dear Mother and Father,

Received a whole flock of letters today. A big Canadian mail is in so everybody is happy. It is about the 1st Canadian mail I have had for a month. Glad to hear that you are all so well. I suppose you had quite a merry time when Agnes was with you. From your letter I take it that she is getting to look like a nurse. I wonder if she as anything on me for size.

I haven’t been on leave yes but expect to go anytime, likely this week. If I go I will cable you to that effect.

I see Mother, that you still have your luck with the fishing. I would like to paddle back if your up around the farm.

And then have a meal big lunge baked like you used to do them with white sauce.

Am sending you a couple of snaps I had taken out in rust. They are not very good but am sending them along anyways, also a bit of ribbon.

We are having beautiful weather here now. I hope you are having the same.

Received a letter from Giselle Isaac the other day. It is a long time since I have heard from her. She seems to be enjoying herself and the rest of the family is OK.

The officers of the Bn. had a group picture taken the other day. I will send you one when they are finished.

Well this is only a short note. Am writing it rather under difficulties so hence the brevity. Will write you a proper one soon.

Love and kisses.

Your Loving Son,



There isn't an abundance of information transferred home within this letter, so there isn't much to discuss. It is nice to know to know that the soldiers at war during this time could have their spirits lifted so high just from the ability to hear from their families at home. It is sometimes hard for us to imagine a time when we could not instantly connect with our loved ones at almost any time during the day to talk about anything we would like. Having to wait for weeks to see if they have even received your last letter could have been a type of torture in itself. Even worse for the families home waiting for the letters home I would assume.

There were a decent amount of words that I struggled with in this one. I'm not sure if it was because he was rushing through this one, or because he was using words I have not seen him write very often, but there are a couple that are a struggle. It can be seen underneath if you would like to help me out!

Here is the War Diary for the 18th if you would like to see what Vincent was up to at the time that the letter was written.

Thank you for reading, more letters will be up soon! May is a very busy time of the year for me so that is why they have been a little more spaced out as of late. Please share and let me know if there is anything that I have missed or that I can add!

Thank you.

Michael Ritchie


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